LEDEL monitors closely the quality of all the components used in our fixtures. We use only components from world's leading suppliers and distributors.


Quality of the light and stability of the color temperature depends upon them. LEDEL has many years of experience with Germany-based OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. This is one of the world's leaders which produces LEDs for lighting and automotive industries, and have 40 years of experience in LED devices.


OSRAM Oslon Square


We use OSLON® Square series LED in street and industrial lighting with a best lm/W ratio, durability and reliability. This is the most compact and powerful LEDs in its class (the footprint size just 3×3 mm).
OSLON ® Square is well suitable for application where the maximum luminous flux per unit of area required.
OSLON ® Square uses high-end luminofor which provides high color stability over the entire service life of the luminaire. Low thermal resistance just 2.1 K/W excludes overheating of the LEDs.


In the office series and commercial lighting we use OSRAM DURIS® LEDs which is perfect solution for a comfortable indoor lighting.
DURIS® LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a new series with low and medium power, and with a wide angle of light emission, which is perfectly matched for modern fixtures with uniform light distribution.
High efficacy of 145 lm/W and compact size is perfect for obtaining uniform light. As a result you get high quality white light lasting the entire life cycle of the luminaire.


Driver is responsible for stability of LEDs and protection from voltage surges. This factor directly influences on the life cycle of the fixture. Quality of component and circuitry also defines ripple, power factor, and the power consumption.
LEDEL uses self-designed drivers. The drivers are adapted for the abnormal surges with estimated life cycle of 100,000 hours.
Lifetime is determined by the driver parts, which parameters change over time. These parts include electrolytic capacitors which electrolyte dries out over time.
In LEDEL drivers electrolytic capacitors are supplied by industry leading manufacturers.
The temperature of a capacitor during operation at ambient temperature +25 ° C does not exceed +66 ° C.
LEDEL LED drivers lifetime corresponds with luminaire lifetime and built using modern components from STMicroelectronics, Power Integrations, Texas Instruments, Circuit Protection, Dc Components, Diotec Semicond, ON Semiconductor with operating temperature ranging from -60 ° C to +140 ° C.
All components are supplied by global distributors Arrow, Compel and EBV Electronik.


LEDEL SSII Driver (for Superstreet and L-industry series) ensures maximum electrical efficiency and high power factor (more than 0.98).
AC input range of 160-265 V
(input voltage AC 120V 60Hz is an option)
Dimming input 0 to 100 %
Active PFC boost ensures high reliability and efficiency of the driver (efficiency = 93%) on a wide range of input voltages, as well as high power factor λ>0.98.
Patented intelligent driver uses two level combined driver protection from high voltage up to 600V and protection against transients up to 10 kV with duration 50us according to IEC 61000-4-5-95 and emergency shutdown in case of overheat.
High efficiency achieved through pulse width modulation. Different circuit elements in optimized thermal mode result in high stability of output parameters. PFC and EMI filter are on-board. There is built-in protection for maximum operating temperature, short circuit, protection against breakage in the load circuit, reverse polarity protection.
Operating temperature are tested for cold start from -63 ° C to +50 °
Increased operating temperature range of electrolytic capacitors from the world's leading electrolytic capacitors manufacturer ensures guaranteed driver lifetime of 100 K hours.

LEDEL Driver

LEDEL Driver (for L-office, L-trade, Lego, L-school series)
AC input range of 140-265V.
(input voltage AC 120V 60Hz is an option)
Dimming input 0 to 100 %
The combined solution provides resettable AC protection to 600V, surge protection up to 2kW with duration 50us according to IEC 61000-4-5-95
Specialized integral controller from Texas Instruments for LED lighting with built-in PFC ensures high reliability and efficiency of the driver (efficiency = 90%), as well as high power factor λ = 0,98.
Galvanic isolation gives additional protection for the LED module in case of input circuits failure, as well as highest level of electrical safety.
Due to galvanic isolation input and output circuits are highly reliable and ensure reliable operation of high power LEDs and operational safety.
Electrolytic capacitors from the world leader Nichicon provide driver lifetime of 100 K+ hours.
Double conversion provides zero output current and luminous flux ripple, protects driver against short circuit, open circuit and hot LED module plug-in.             


The body of LED-light is also its heat sink system. The design and material are selected to ensure best LED operation conditions, ergonomics and simplicity of installation and maintenance.


The body is made of aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity.
Twice smaller and lighter because of innovative vertical heat sink. In case of street lighting wind load on lighting pole is significantly reduced.
The body consists actually of one piece with improved manufacturability and reliability of the assembly.
The upper compartment provides easy access for the driver connections, replacement or maintenance in all operational conditions.
Ergonomics and design of fixtures allows quick and easily installation and connection even by one person.
Special dust-protective coating excludes external weathering and accumulation of dust and dirt.             


Protective glass lens (for L-office, L-school, L-trade, Radian series) - Acrylic glass NovattroPrism® grooved multi-prism
Surface of the prism acrylic glass provides quality light diffusion, even illumination and maximum light transmission, similar to silica glass.
Material PMMA
Warranty period more than 20 years, with all settings.
Protective polycarbonate Novattro® (for L-street, Superstreet, L-industry series)


Leaf thickness, mm 3
Light transmission,% 93,4
Shock resistance, Gardner, J 0,5


Secondary optics (lens) are installed directly on the LEDs to get more narrow beams of light (15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 °) or broad street patterns. LEDEL uses secondary optics made from PMMA which ensures long life without loss of light output