Raw materials warehouse Ltd. "Rani Plast Kaluga"

Warehouse lighting
In autumn 2013 the company “Eko Haytek” implemented the project  of illumination the warehouse own by “Rani Plast”. The factory is located not far from Kaluga, and it specializes in the production of the polymer film. Warehouse is 2400 square meters and it’s illuminated by L-industry lights series: L-industry 72 and L-industry 230. The power of such lamps is 90 watts and 227 watts respectively. With high light output value of the weight of the lamp L-industry 230 is significantly lower in relation to the existing analogues, which reduces the load on the overlap of the warehouse’s roof. The roof of the warehouse is a tent construction arched shape, so the location of the lighting is uneven. Lamps mounted by using fasteners suspended at different heights in the range of 5 to 10 meters, it made possible to optimize the amount of light points and, respectively, reduce power consumption in general.